How to study the Bible?

Reading the Bible is extremely meaningful. However, reading it and studying it are two different things.In addition to respect and practice, the divine word of God deserves understanding.The Bible has been widely misinterpreted over the years, as many people actually find it difficult to understand. The Bible encompasses an extremely long history that includes a … Read more

How should we interpret the Bible?

In the Bible, the Lord speaks to men, so knowing how to interpret it properly is very important. In this way, we will be able to understand what God wanted to manifest to us through these scriptures. In order to properly interpret the Bible, hermeneutics is required, a science aimed at biblical study and interpretation. … Read more

How to quote the Bible?

The bible is the set of religious works united in a single book, which contains all the sacred scriptures, canonical compilations of all the religious literary works that were created throughout time. All these compilations grouped in a single sacred book, are considered a type of divine inspiration and the record of the relationship between … Read more

Prayer to the Christ of Medinaceli

The image of Jesus of Nazareth is known as Jesus Nazareno Rescatado, Nuestro Padre Jesús de Medinaceli and even thanks to its location in Spain, it is also known as the Lord of Madrid. The worship of Christ of Medinaceli is extremely popular, for which a large number of individuals pray to him and visit … Read more

Prayer to Saint Pancracio for work and money

San Pancracio was a Roman Christian citizen, in the empire at that time there was a great persecution against the believers of this religion.Pancracio’s faith was public, therefore, his capture did not take long. The emperor Diocletian was a friend of his father, so he tried to persuade Pancracio to renounce Christianity. Which Pancracio did … Read more

Prayer to Santa Gema

Santa Gema is an Italian saint born near the town of Capannori, on March 12, 1878. During her life, she was a young passionist and mystic, and today she is venerated as a saint by the church. Generally, prayers are made to Saint Gema Galgani to ask for the recovery of people’s health and to … Read more