Best Prayer to Ask for a miracle from Saint Rita

“Margherita Lotti” (real name) or better known as “Santa Rita de Casia”, was a woman who longed to be a nun, however she married because of her father’s obligation.

In this way, she went through a lot of suffering and pain during the marriage, but she shielded herself through prayer and faith in God. Later, her husband made the decision to support her and convert to Catholicism in the same way.

The patron of the impossible

Through the Catholic history books obtained from that time, it is shown that Saint Rita suffered the death of her husband who was murdered. After that, her children wanted to avenge their father’s death.

Therefore, fearing that her children were going to commit a crime, she made many pleas to God, whose purpose of the requests was that he take them away from this life so that they do not do something crazy.
That is why, some time after the order was placed, their children died. In this way, being alone, Saint Rita gave herself to penance, prayer and works of charity.

It should be noted that on May 22 is the celebration of the Patron of the impossible in Latin America.

Prayer to ask for a miracle from Saint Rita

O glorious Saint Rita of Cassia!
With a soul full of confidence for the continuous favors you receive from heaven, for the good of your faithful devotees, I come to your presence today, to beg you to intercede before your Beloved Spouse and Redeemer of the world, so that he may benignly hear what I request of his great power and infinite mercy.

To you, holy glorious Rita who received in the course of your long and holy life, so many and so repeated samples of being a privileged soul of her Love;
She will kindly attend you, if you pray for me with that ardent fervor that always encouraged you when you prostrated yourself to pray, at the feet of the Holy Crucifix. Please help me to get (The request must be made in faith),
For your great merits of prompt obedience to the opinion of your dear parents; of selfless resignation before the harshness of your husband; of charitable and heroic immolation of your little and beloved children;

Of acute sorrow when seeing the difficulties you had to enter the abode of your desires, the religious cloister; for the intense pain caused by the thorn in your forehead;
Ask, kindly Saint, grant me what my soul desires through your mediation and with great anxiety.

If He wants, He can grant it to me, for His divine hand is omnipotent in heaven and on earth.
If it were for the greater glory of the Most High and the good of my soul, may he soon see my request heard and attended to, the good result of which, at your request, I hope to obtain from the power and goodness of his paternal heart. So be it.

Saint Rita of Casia, advocate of the impossible, desperate and lost cases: pray for your devotee. (This phrase should be repeated three times).
Pray the Creed, the Hail, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. Finally, do the prayer and prayers for three consecutive days.

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