Prayer to Saint Pancracio for work and money

San Pancracio was a Roman Christian citizen, in the empire at that time there was a great persecution against the believers of this religion.
Pancracio’s faith was public, therefore, his capture did not take long.

The emperor Diocletian was a friend of his father, so he tried to persuade Pancracio to renounce Christianity. Which Pancracio did not accept despite the insistence, for this reason, a little irritated the emperor gave the order for Pancracio’s beheading that same day at night.

From his tomb a cult of said martyr began and from that moment the believers make their requests to San Pancracio especially in matters related to health and work.

However, his believers also make multiple requests to San Pancracio and are constantly grateful for their fulfillment.

Next, we will present you with two very powerful prayers, it is important to perform these prayers with faith and hope once a day in conjunction with other prayers and prayers, for three days in a row.

Prayer to San Pancracio to get a job

San Pancracio who beheaded you for being a faithful believer in Our Lord Jesus Christ, who always felt joy until the last minute of your life to be faithful to the love you have for our Lord.

Allow us to imitate you despite all the setbacks and inconveniences that we may present, always being faithful to our faith. Blessed saint of those affected by poverty and unemployment, trusting in you and in your effectiveness of intersection, we come so that you present our prayers before the Lord: (you make your request).

We ask you with all our heart to present our needs to our Lord so that he can attend to them urgently. We also ask for your protection, since we know that He pleases requests if they are good for souls and their greater glory.

Saint Pancracio, help us with your infinite charity and allow us to love our Lord Jesus Christ more every day. Through you we hope to worship him forever in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Pancracio for health and love

Saint Pancracio my protector, thanks to the fact that the Lord hears your prayers, helping all those who ask for his graces through you. I ask you to attend my request, which with humility and goodness in God I raise to heaven together with your great courage. (At this time you make the request you want to San Pancracio).

Due to your great love for Our Lord who prompted you to offer your life as a testimony to the faith you have, I ask you to obtain that same love and also strength in the manifestation and practice of faith.

I beg you for your continued protection over my family and over me, for this I offer you to be loyal to the fulfillment of the Law of God.

Likewise, I will try to thank you frequently, serving Our Lord, fulfilling each of the earthly duties and being helped by you, I hope to be able to count on your company in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

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