Where do gypsies come from according to the Bible?

Throughout history, the gypsies have been a fairly persecuted people.

The hypotheses regarding its origin are quite abundant. Some attribute their origin to India, while others claim that they come from Egypt.

Around the 16th and 17th centuries, it was thought that they could descend from Cain, which is not possible, since their lineage disappeared in the flood. Currently, there is no solid answer to the origin of the gypsy people.

However, by carefully analyzing the Old Testament, it is possible to find some clues. By joining these with some
historical and geographical references, some scholars have been able to deduce the origin of the gypsy people according to the Bible.

Where is the origin of the gypsy people according to the Bible?

Some scholars suggest that the Gypsy people could be one of the 12 lineages of Israel, specifically one of the 10 that vanished.

This belief comes from some biblical quotes that mention a prophecy, as well as a divine punishment that would imply forgetting the name of the tribe and that they would be dispersed throughout the world.

Being the Jews and the Gypsies the only the only peoples that are scattered throughout the world.

Furthermore, it is possible to appreciate an important similarity between certain laws that appear in the Old Testament with some gypsy laws that are thousands of years old.

These include: The advice of the elderly, the verification of purity in the ladies or the tradition of not marrying individuals who do not belong to the gypsy religion, among others.

The gypsy people had no knowledge of the Bible until relatively recent times.

Many consider that their knowledge in relation to these scriptures predates their passage through India, the Arabian lands and Persia, places in which they lived before reaching Europe.

In such places, it would not have been possible to hear about the Bible.

Not even in Europe, as these texts were not available to conventional people. Therefore, it was not possible for gypsies to know the Bible, unless the history of biblical events was stored in the collective memory of the people.

These were so well preserved during their period of exile in India that the gypsy people did not take aspects of the local culture to add to their own. Nowadays, many gypsies read the Bible and are very astonished because they affirm that their customs and laws are written there, something that no other people except the Jews can affirm.

Could this be the true origin of the gypsy people?

Although it is shown as a solid hypothesis regarding the origin of the gypsy people according to the Bible, at present it has not been confirmed. Many researchers support it, while for others it is a bit controversial.

However, if it turns out to be correct, this theory could explain the origin of the gypsy people and would clarify many doubts in relation to this issue. Therefore, many experts continue to research to find a clear answer.

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