Prayer to the Virgin of Carmen

Our Lady of Carmen or Virgen del Carmen, are 2 of the most common names to represent “Santa María del Monte Carmelo.” This reflects one of the different invocations of the Virgin Mary.

Likewise, its name comes from the veneration on “Mount Carmel” (Holy Land, near Haifa). The name “Carmen” or “Camelo” refer to the Hebrew word as “Al-Karem”.

In this way, this word is translated as “Garden of God.” In addition, her veneration of her dedication was transmitted in the world thanks to the “Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, better known as Carmelites.

Virgin of Carmen or Virgin Mary?

It should be noted that La Virgen del Carmen is actually the Virgin Mary, being in this way the Mother of our Lord Jesus. Therefore she is referred to as our all powerful mother.
In this sense, each of the invocations that said Virgin has received are a product of both the message and the place that it has brought us.

This is due, since at times in history the Virgin is shown dressed in different ways. Reason why it is known by different invocations or names. Furthermore, hence its main name “Virgen del Carmen”.

The prayer of the Virgin of Carmen

Oh Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother also of sinners and special Protectress of those who wear your sacred Scapular, for which His Divine Majesty made you great, choosing you to be his true Mother, I beg you to reach out to me from your dear Son, forgiveness of my sins,

the amendment of my life, the salvation of my soul, the remedy of my needs, the consolation of my afflictions and the special grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is appropriate for your greater honor and glory and good of my soul; that I, Madam, to achieve this I use your powerful intercession.

I would like to have the spirit of all the angels, saints and just in order to be able to praise you with dignity and joining my voice with their affections, I greet you a thousand times saying: (Three Hail Marys).

Most Holy Virgin of Carmen, I wish that all without exception, take shelter under your protective shadow of your Holy Scapular and that all be united to You, My Mother, by the close and loving ties of this your beloved insignia.

Oh Beauty of Carmel! See us prostrate in reverence before her sacred image and grant us your loving protection graciously. I entrust to you the needs of our Holy Father the Pope and the Catholic Church, our Mother, as well as those of my nation and those of the whole world, my own and those of my relatives and friends.

Look with compassionate eyes on so many poor sinners, heretics and schismatics, how they offend your Divine Son and so many infidels how they groan in the darkness of paganism. May all convert and love you, My Mother, as I wish to love you now and for all eternity. Amen.

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