Prayer to the Christ of Medinaceli

The image of Jesus of Nazareth is known as Jesus Nazareno Rescatado, Nuestro Padre Jesús de Medinaceli and even thanks to its location in Spain, it is also known as the Lord of Madrid. The worship of Christ of Medinaceli is extremely popular, for which a large number of individuals pray to him and visit … Read more

Prayer to Saint Pancracio for work and money

San Pancracio was a Roman Christian citizen, in the empire at that time there was a great persecution against the believers of this religion.Pancracio’s faith was public, therefore, his capture did not take long. The emperor Diocletian was a friend of his father, so he tried to persuade Pancracio to renounce Christianity. Which Pancracio did … Read more

Prayer to Santa Gema

Santa Gema is an Italian saint born near the town of Capannori, on March 12, 1878. During her life, she was a young passionist and mystic, and today she is venerated as a saint by the church. Generally, prayers are made to Saint Gema Galgani to ask for the recovery of people’s health and to … Read more

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

One of the most reliable realities in the world is the existence of a multicultural society, where customs and religions make people owe themselves spiritually and culturally to something or someone. This is why the world needs something to believe in.Saint Anthony of Padua is part of the Catholic Christian religion, being a recognized and … Read more

Prayer to the Virgin of Carmen

Our Lady of Carmen or Virgen del Carmen, are 2 of the most common names to represent “Santa María del Monte Carmelo.” This reflects one of the different invocations of the Virgin Mary. Likewise, its name comes from the veneration on “Mount Carmel” (Holy Land, near Haifa). The name “Carmen” or “Camelo” refer to the … Read more