How to quote the Bible?

The bible is the set of religious works united in a single book, which contains all the sacred scriptures, canonical compilations of all the religious literary works that were created throughout time.

All these compilations grouped in a single sacred book, are considered a type of divine inspiration and the record of the relationship between humanity and God.
How should the Bible be cited?

Due to the large number of entries in this book and its religious character, many people quote different parts of the Bible in various situations.

This book was written a long time ago, and it has narratives related to the wills, life, works and death of different religious figures very well known in history.

It is because of this that many people often quote different parts of the Bible that are to their liking and interest.

However, the structure of the Bible is quite complex, because in itself this is a book composed of a compilation of other books and it is divided into verses and chapters.

It is of utmost importance that when quoting the bible, you know where you are getting each extract from.
Specifically, you must mention the exact chapter and verse from which you got the quote.

In case of citing a religious text, as is the case with this one, the appointment must be made in the correct way, since otherwise, people will not know how to find the appointment that you are exposing.

When writing a quote referring to a biblical text, you must start the quote using quotation marks.
Once you finish citing the extract from the biblical text, you have to also close using quotation marks and then open parentheses.

Inside the parentheses, you have to write exactly what part of the bible the quote corresponds to, where you should put:
• Name of the biblical text you are using.
• Chapter where you got the quote.
• Verse number to which the quotation corresponds.
Once you have specified each of those three points mentioned above, you have to close parentheses and put a final period, that way you will already be correctly citing the bible.

How is the Bible organized?

To have even better management when making quotes from biblical texts, you must know correctly the organization of this
The Bible is made up entirely of the compilation of 66 religious texts, it is subdivided into 1,189 chapters and in total it has 31,173 verses.

All this division is done by referring to the names of each book, together with what it is about or who it refers to, in order to have a better organization. In general, it is divided as follows:

• Pentateuch: Where the texts of Genesis, Deuteronomy and Number, Leviticus and Exodus are present.
• Historical books: which refer to different religious literatures produced by various authors such as Samuel, Tobías, Judges, Josué, among others.
• Poetic and Sapiential.
• Gospels according to Mark, Matthew, John and Luke.
• Acts of the Apostles, where the origin of the church and its early years are related.
• Didactics: Contains the letters of the Apostles.
• Apocalypse: analysis, revelations and stories of the end of time.

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