Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

One of the most reliable realities in the world is the existence of a multicultural society, where customs and religions make people owe themselves spiritually and culturally to something or someone.

This is why the world needs something to believe in.
Saint Anthony of Padua is part of the Catholic Christian religion, being a recognized and highly revered saint.
He is one of the Saints who is known under various names, including the Holy of All in the world, being in turn followed mostly by the conglomerate of the humble.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

Beginning with the prayer, we have Oh Our Saint Anthony of Padua, you who usually give bread to the most humble, being the joy for all. After this follows, we bless you sir, you who feed the birds, send the rain, and the pastures grow, thank you sir.

Next, it is stated that the humble seek your bread, your tongue is in drought from thirst, they will rejoice in Yahweh. Saint Anthony of Padua, you are the faithful comforter of those who are afflicted, feeling great compassion for the humble.

Fighter of noble causes, defender of the dispossessed, those who as easy targets fell into the hands of the powerful. After a brief pause, it is exclaimed, before you I present myself a saint of the Lord, to venerate the power that intercedes before God.

Followed by a, you who knew how to say yes to the father and thus renounce the temptations of life, since it was more true to listen to the father’s voice, continue with a beloved father who knew how to help all in need, who achieved miracles and who always protected the poor.

Your children, San Antonio de Pagua, have come here to make a necessary request for a response from you.
Because you could never hear the one ever someone has turned to you, be abandoned.
In such a way come your children before you that you comfort the afflicted and you are our friend, do not abandon us.

Dignity Saint Anthony of Padua! Listen to our prayers and that you look at us with pious eyes, to achieve favors that we ask of you, we need you.
At the end, they ask: help for minds and hearts, to increase our faith, to love Jesus.

To close in a timely manner, this saint is thanked and it is said: we will raise our hands to the heavens, Oh glorious as high! God in the name of the lord. In this way the prayer of Saint Anthony of Padua is closed.

Textual prayer is usually held by people more adept at religion, but it is convenient to adapt the prayers to make them of everyone and to be able to pronounce them together or in petition before a conglomerate of people.

Just like this, there are many more prayers and therefore, many more saints who belong either to this religion or to others whose religious customs and activities lead to prayers and good actions whose purpose is protection and good actions on behalf of the Lord.

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