Prayer to the Christ of Medinaceli

The image of Jesus of Nazareth is known as Jesus Nazareno Rescatado, Nuestro Padre Jesús de Medinaceli and even thanks to its location in Spain, it is also known as the Lord of Madrid.

The worship of Christ of Medinaceli is extremely popular, for which a large number of individuals pray to him and visit him annually. Next, you will be able to know two of his most popular prayers.

Prayer for a Miracle

Beloved Jesus, my savior, my king, my God, I ask your forgiveness for each of the mistakes I have made, I propose to amend my behavior so that I will not offend you again.
Lord, you gave us the greatest proof of love that can exist, suffering all kinds of sufferings and sorrows and even your death on the cross, for our salvation, for that I thank you.
Jesus, for having loved us so much, I will not tire of praising you, you will always be my God and my Lord. I thank you for all the gifts you have given me and all the good things you always do for me, because despite all the mistakes I make, you have never stopped listening to me.

You who are merciful, I ask you to fill me with love, justice and peace, I also ask you to protect my path and cover me with your blood. Lord Jesus, for the miracles that you have performed for those of us who pray in your image, I humbly ask for your assistance.

I beg you from my heart to help me with the burden that I have on my shoulders, give me the peace of mind that I need in these moments of anguish and nervousness. Jesus my protector, you are balm in the disease, the solution in the midst of so many inconveniences, you make possible those things that do not seem like it, do not abandon me at this moment.

I ask you to attend to this request (you ask what you want the Lord to grant you). Eternal King of peace and love, I believe and trust you totally, in the same way, I venerate you and ask that you fulfill my request as soon as possible.

Please increase my hope and give me strength to be able to persevere and move forward in this process. Help me so that each day that passes is more worthy of your mercy and help me with your grace. Amen.

Prayer to Christ Medinaceli

Lord Jesus you who show us the infinite love that God has for all of us, I ask you to please listen to our prayers. You who had your hands tied before the sin of man and died to forgive all our sins, in memory of your courage and passion we ask for your help.

I ask you to allow us to remain humble just as you did, in order to distribute the good where there is only evil. To be able to look with humility at the contempt coming from the rest of the individuals in order to be more compassionate.

Grant relief to all our problems and help us with all our needs, with great humility I make this request to you (you make the request you want). I ask you to answer my prayers, protect us and bless us from the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

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